Our Story

Be where it all began.
Jabal Weibdeh is the architectural narrative of the history of Jordan.
Weibdeh Heights is a chapter in history; let it be your bookmark.

Jabal Weibdeh represents Amman at its beginning.
Its windy roads, overgrown trees, and eroded sidewalks reveal its authenticity, class and beauty.
Weibdeh, in the 1950’s, was one of the first middle – class neighborhoods. It had the best schools such as the Terra Santa and Islamic College which are still prominent today.
Luckily, generations of the same families have remained here from that time, giving answers to questions that have accumulated from the passing of time.
Among these historical treasures, is what we now know as Weibdeh Heights as it was built in the late 1940’s, by the late Ibrahim Nazzal my grandfather.



Weibdeh Heights understands the on-the-go way of living, while not neglecting of the sentiment of home.

Accommodations come with a fully-functioning kitchenette, reliable wireless internet, double glazed windows and fully insulated walling.

Comfort is promised with our top of the line Serta mattress and if needed, a sofa
turn bed. As practicality is key for easy living, six of the nine apartments come facilitated with one and a half bathroom and three of which have multi-access to the bathroom.

Our Facilities

Weibdeh Heights perseveres in making each stay a blend of comfort and ease.

This was cultivated through our on property facilities.

Surrounding Weibdeh Heights is a carefully maintained garden. On our top floor, an inside lounge area where you can put your feet up, which is with an outside terrace overlooking the Citadel of Amman, as well as our fitness area on our lowest floor.

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Weibdeh Heights

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